Interactive means you can have an influence what you see on the screen, immediately. When it comes to engaging animations we love The 3D Architect. Video games give us the obvious examples of all interaction senses. Say you are playing one of the most famous video games in the history thus far – Grand Theft Auto. You are driving the car and if you turn the wheel to the right, the car sways in that direction.

When compared to playing a DVD, the effect you have is just one way; the video would play or stop or do as you press the buttons, but the world within the video remains unchanged.

You could scribble lines on the computer – it is influencing what I see, but it is, after all, just a two-dimensional drawing, nothing to it.
By interactive 3D, what I mean is that the user’s action can have an effect on something in the virtual world – like the camera angle or lighting.